A franchised glitz dealer... is a project that takes the 1980 kitsch classic Xanadu as its starting point, directly proceeding to agglomerate various disconnected historical Xanadus...

,,,Coleridge’s opium dream origin story for Kubla Khan...One of the largest stalled construction projects in the US...Xanadu: The musical, only the most recent in a long line of transfers across medium and story-deformations...Xanadu, the Showgirls of its time, a rare film whose camp enthusiast revival was coincident with it’s initial release...Xanadu space: The alternative internet platform, in development for over 50 years, championed by Ted Nelson. It was to be accessed in a series of franchised Xanadu kiosks, remarkably similar to today’s internet cafes...

...singalong trailer introduces this project, with a focus on the shifts of medium, transfers between virtuality and (represented) real space, and the redirection of aesthetic impulses into love and commerce.
...transclusion xanacrunch overlays an early twentieth century American tone poem, Charles Griffes’ The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan, on top of two characters fighting over whose generation had better music (in the end they just combine both).
...non-destructive editing uses footage of the Pan Pacific Auditorium in LA, which fi gured prominently in both the film and LA history, vacillating between various stages of decay.
...forget about the rules reworks a promotional television broadcast of a live version one of the multi-genre mashups from the film. As two single-gender presenting groups sing back and forth about the merits of generous or selfish sex partners, each group is replaced by an empty stage as the other sings (there is no relation between the two groups, instead they just explain themselves to an unaccompanied microphone stand).
...world's fair combines architectural elements from the feature film, an acoustic cover of the film’s theme song by it’s composer 30 years later, and amateur readings of Coleridge’s poem.