I make videos using already existing material to play with the identity crisis of video and the cultures that produce it. My work consists of minor editorial interventions that sound notes in formal, historical, cultural, and personal registers. I turn to technologies and images whose cultural relevance has faded, assuming these are more instructive than what is contemporary.

I’m particularly interested in video because it is a false medium - any technological or material constraints you could define it by have actually been constantly shifting over the course of its relatively brief history. Video is a virtual medium, a fictive identity that allows us to consider non-filmic moving images as a single entity.

Similarly, many of my videos function as formal exercises in the representation of simultaneity within single channel video. The promise held out by this pursuit is the possibility of things always being other than they are, a reminder of the pre-digital virtual as universal escape hatch. In many of my videos, this means also looking at the role of video in producing a generalized sense of virtuality that embeds itself in daily life.

My work is motivated by the claim that video is an ideal figure for other contemporary cultural forms (the subject, politics, digitally mediated social interactions). All of these are held together by an identificatory fiction, and by engaging with selected moving image materials on a surface, formal level, I articulate strategies that can then ripple across these other forms through inference.

Over the past 30 years, objects and images saw their virtuality stripped from them and reconstituted externally as an ever-expandable, flat network of communication without object or end. Now, it is possible see this network fracturing, raining back down onto the material landscape from which it derives its magic in the first place.