Just you wait and see baby is based on the 1982 George Romero film Creepshow, a compilation of five horror stories by Stephen King; in the third of these, a jealous husband buries his wife and her lover up to their necks at low tide. The two victims are buried on distinct parts of the same beach, and each is forced to watch the other drown on a closed circuit television. In this two-channel video installation I reproduce the basic structure of this scene; two cameras are on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan at sunset; one camera shows only the sunset, while the other shows a man digging a hole in the sand. After the first camera is buried, a hole is dug off screen for the second camera. The doubling of the camera, and the delay between the burial of the first and second camera, mimics the foreshadowing (and its affective results) of horror films. Compressing the narrative structure of the original film and recasting the victimized protagonists as video cameras, I underscore the structural component of identification, irrespective of character-based identification.